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The Craigslist Cannonballer

Buy pre-1930 Indian Scout 101 motorcycle on Craigslist. Wrench it with your pals. Ride it across America during the Motorcycle Cannonball 2013. That’s what this guy did… Photo copyright, Todd Halterman Related posts:...

When Detroit Was Great – The End of American Henderson Motorcycles

In 1911 a pair of audacious brothers formed the American Henderson Motorcycle Co, 268 Jefferson Ave., Detroit, Michigan. William G. Henderson and his brother, Tom W. Henderson, began a partnership which would lead the...

The Killer – Jerry Lee Lewis

Jerry Lee Lewis, the greatest singer and piano player in the history of hillbilly music, has been married seven times – and he’s still very much alive.

Give that a second or two to sink in. Seven times. Still alive.

1963 Honda CB77 305 Superhawk

The CB77 had, at only 305cc, a relatively big engine in comparison to most other Japanese bikes of the period. It did boast performance to rival much larger motorcycles. It also developed a reputation for reliability and was equipped with an electric starter.

A product of the experience Honda gained in Grand Prix racing, the CB77 featured a steel-tube frame (rather than the pressed frame construction of earlier Hondas) and a telescopic front fork. It’s parallel twin engine (the biggest then available in a Honda) was a structural element of the bike and it provided stiffness in a frame which lacked a downtube. Capable of 9,000 rpm, the bike was capable of reaching 100 mph, and it’s now regarded as ‘the first modern Japanese motorcycle.’

It served as the motorcycle paradigm Honda adheres to today.